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Cladding components

Exeterior cladding components  can be made from wide selection of materials, sizes  and colours.  Individual approach will ensure that creative architectural design is manufactured.



Custom made shingles for exterior walls.  Shingles can give elegant form, texture and shape.  It can give buildings more emotions. 

Reference projects: Den Blå Planet Aquarium, Riga Technical University Design Center



Perforated sheets

Our machinery can produce unique perforated sheets for your  projects. Perforated sheets  can be produced from a variety of materials, material thickness and patterns. Perforated sheets can be applied in building decorations and exterior wall claddings.

For perforated sheets we can apply secondary operations such as cutting, forming, bending and welding. Perforated sheets can be galvanized and powder coated, anodised.

Please contact our sales department to get your quote and delivery time

Perforated sheetPerforated sheet

Reference projects: Tappen, Dauga, Riga Plaza , Office Datavej, Danske Handicaporganisationer Office building Lyncoping