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TEGULA fasādes sistēma

"Tegula - 10" system consists of modules / cassettes and subsystem that provides a precise leveling  and high quality strengthening of the unadjusted core load-bearing walls. The system also provides cladding of other specific building elements (column collars, parapet, wall cap, overhangs, etc.) in the same way with the rest of the cladding.

The modular system "Tegula - 10" is a cladding system made to protect exterior walls and ceilings from environmental impacts and to give a final appearance of the building.

Modular System "Tegula - 10" can be used for residential, industrial, public and other types of buildings. Tegula 10 cladding system can be mounted on insulated and moisture proof wall constructions or on core load bearing structure.

The modular system "Tegula - 10" meets LVS EN 14782:2005 "Self-supporting metal sheet products for roof, exterior walls and internal wall surfaces. Product specifications and requirements." The modular system "Tegula - 10" consists of external cladding panels and sub-construction made from metal sheets.

Materials: Metal sheet

Download datasheet: TEGULA

Reference projects: Ģipšu fabrika, Airport "Rīga", Nuclear Medicine Center