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Shingles cladding Design center

Shingles are universally employable cladding for exterior and interior wall surfaces right across to ornamental details and distinctively shaped parts tailored to your specific requirements.

Shingles are placed on subconstruction in a modular system ensuring precise placement and variable material choice. Therefore allowing architectural freedom and achieving the expected aesthetics.

Project design anticipates exact location for each element on the sub construction giving the option to easily assemble it from the frontal area.

The sub construction for this modular system is designed in a way to allow thermal movements and long life span of metal sub construction and cladding.

The facade shingle is a rectangular metal shingle with framing seam, which can be installed in a custom interlock. With the special bending technology, the framing seam receives a U-shaped profile so to increase resiliency against lifting off forces. The fittings for clips are preset by corresponding slots.

Materials: Metal sheet

Download datasheet:SKALE 45

Reference projects: Riga Technical University Design Centre, Ventilo

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