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Facade Components

Facade and building elements

Three L Technologies offers integrated approach to the building envelope – as a part of the project we design, fabricate and install a variety of building and facade elements – railings, drainpipes,gutters, canopies, sunshades, decorative roofs, ceilings, screen walls and interior cladding of the building. Custom design and fabrication of facade and building elements will suit any architectural style.

Contractors can order a range of facade and building elements from single source. Our constructors can produce a new design according to your specifications.

Facade and building components can be produced from glass, aluminum, steel and stainless steel, as finish options products can be powder painted, hot-dip galvanized or anodized. As the part of the project we also offer to execute plaster or brick facades.

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Photo credit: Joliark, Torjus Dahl