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Glazed constructions

Wide variety of glazed constructions are delivered to our largest infill wall element projects - stick facades, windows, doors, sliding systems. Most common profile materials are aluminium, wood, aluminium/wood. All the constructions are delivered by our partners that are assessed by procurement team with risk simulations. Our civil engineers are doing design coordination which lead that the constructions are properly manufactured and later integrated into the project solutions. The glazed constructions in infill wall element projects can be delivered both ways - assembled in elements or delivered separately.



Aluminum glazed structures are visually appealing and great technical solution for modern architecture. Aluminum is corrosion resistant material and it has unique technical characteristics – it is light, strong and offers a variety of design possibilities. The natural strength of aluminum gives slim lines, less frame and more glass.

The use of aluminum in facades helps to fulfill the technical requirements –like daylight, ventilation, structural stability, energy saving. Another benefit of aluminum is the wide range of over 200 different RAL colours.

We offer a wide variety of aluminum products – curtain walls, doors, windows, partition walls and sliding systems.

Reference projects:


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