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Sliding systems

Interior and exterior borders fade in modern architecture, creating space efficency and allowing more natural light into buildings. Sliding systems are great solutions to address these needs for light, comfort and security.
There is a wide range of sliding and foldings systems from Schüco,SAPA and JANSEN we can offer.

SAPA sliding doors and French Windows 

  • Sapa Sliding Door Artline

  • Sapa Lift-and-Slide Door 2160

  • Sapa Sliding Door 2125

  • Sapa French Window 1074 SX, inward opening

  • Sapa French Window 1074,

  • Sapa French Window 1074,

  • Sapa Sliding Terrace Door 1074

  • Sapa Folding French Window 1074

  • Sapa Sliding Door 2115

Schüco aluminum folding and sliding systems

  • ASS 28 SC.NI

  • ASS 32 SC.NI

  • ASS 32 SC

  • ASS 32.NI

  • ASS 43 / 48

  • ASS 50.NI

  • ASS 50

  • ASS 70 FD

  • ASS 50 FD.NI

  • ASS 70.HI

  • ASS 80 FD.HI

    Projects: Solsidan

JANSEN Folding and sliding systems

 JANSEN folding and sliding doors