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Glass facades

Glass facade

Glass facade solutions fullfill different technical demands and allow architectural freedom.The use of aluminium for glass facades is great for large glass areas. It allows seamless integration of windows and doors.

We use SCHÜCO and SAPA aluminum facade systems and Jansen steel systems.

SAPA facade profiles

  • Sapa Facade 4150 - Insulated

  • Sapa Facade 4150 SX High insulated

  • Sapa Facade 4150 EF Unitized curtain wall

  • Sapa Facade 4150 SSG - Structural Glazing

  • Sapa Facade 5050 SG - System Glazing

  • Sapa Glazed Elements 3086 -High insulated 

  • Sapa Glazed Elements 3074 - Exterior solutions

  • Sapa Glazed Elements 3050 - Interior solutions

SCHÜCO facade profiles

The most often used SCHÜCO facade systems are FW 50+, FW60+ and their subsystems

SCHÜCO aluminium systems – curtain walls and roof constructions

  • FW50+

  • FW50+S

  • FW50+.HI

  • FW50+.SI

  • FW50+S.HI

  • FW60+

  • FW60+.HI

  • FW60+.SI

Projects:    Solglantan, Ropažu iela, Vulkanen


Jansen facade systems

Mullion-transom facades

Mullion-transom roof glazing

Independently supported facades


Independently supported roof glazing


Fire protection

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