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Interior Cladding

Interior cladding

Decorative cladding panels give modern look to office spaces, commercial buildings and residential homes. Interior claddings are available in variety of metal sheets and metal composites and HPL with different finishes. Interior cladding can be applied to cover columns, walls, ceilings, balcony fronts and other interior elements.

Stainless steel is often used in commercial buildings such as hospitals, kitchens and libraries due to its aesthetic and hygienic properties. Stainless steel is strong, it is resistant to scratches, can be easily cleaned and looks modern.  Stainless steel or Inox interior cladding requires little maintenance, it offers hygienic surfaces.  It is non-porous, and it will be very easy to clean and sanitize.  Architects and designers choose stainless steel cladding because of the decorative looks, it adds to the interior of the building.

Three L Technologies has also considerable experience in interior cladding. We can offer full service for custom interior cladding projects – designing, fabrication and installation on site.

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Projects:Airport, National Libray of Latvia, Veterinary clinic , Terminal Bygget 

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