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Our sponsorship focus  is on achievements in sport, it takes unique values and culture to reach one’s goals in business or sport.  Three L Technologies has chosen to sponsor sport teams in Latvia. In 2017 / 2018 we sponsor football school „Alberts” and judo club KYODAI in Latvia.           JDFS Albert is accredited by Latvian Football Federation Football Academy  as sports educational institution. Club adult team participates in Latvian Football First League Championship, but  kids in Latvian Youth Football Championship and Riga Youth Football Championship.             FutbolsAlberts  

 Judo club KYODAI

Judo club KYODAI asked us to support his participation in international tournaments and training camps. Latvian Judo Federation completed survey among its members and as best nominees has selected the judo club “KYODAI” – best international tournament in Latvia is judo tournament “KYODAI”, best judo coach is Gatis Mīlenbergs and best judoka U18 - Emīls Gerkens from judo club “KYODAI".