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Published in magazine Rooms, 11, 2014.

Latvian design magazine DEKO DEKO.PDF Metal cladding by Joliark 

The facade wraps around the structure like a protective cloak of galvanized steel sheet, an image emphasized by flush precision detailing. The thematic solidity of the project is juxtaposed by its western elevation where double height balcony compartments create the explicit doll’s house aesthetic. Tappen/Joliark

Led by architect Per Johanson, Swedish studio Joliark chose to clad the exteriors of both blocks in a protective layer of galvanised steel. This allowed services such as drainage to be tucked behind the facade, creating a flush finish.

Domus Joliark: Tappen  Balancing a solid aspect with an explicit doll’s house aesthetic, Joliark delivered this apartment complex on a former industrial site outside Stockholm using wood, concrete and steel.

Designboom  joliark constructs metallic apartment complex in stockholm, sweden.

 a metallic apartment complex has been erected on a former industrial site outside stockholm, sweden by the local architectural office of joliark. the project comprises 44 dwellings organized within two volumes. ‘a driving force in the design process has been the preservation of a pure and simple material expression. rigorously composed meetings between wood, concrete and steel ensure the maintenance of a sense of whole,’ says per johanson of the firm.



Publication on project Lahti Travel Centre in Finland "Transforming transportation with Copper": Copper forum publication