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About Us

Three L Technologies

We are construction company providing design, design coordination, production, construction coordination and construction works execution services. The company has two divisions: Construction Management and Facade Products division.

Construction Management division provides design coordination among various suppliers of building products and services as well as construction coordination and works execution at the building site. The range of services of this division is kept within the limits of expertise of our engineers - we bid for and execute only those types of works design of which can be skillfully coordinated by our inhouse engineering resources.

Construction services are currently provided in Nordic countries. In future we will be developing our activity in other regions where we have had until now a small quantity of construction projects.

Facade Products division specializes in design and production of façade systems and their elements. The services and products are provided to our customers – Façade contractors of EU and UK. We offer to our customers a range of façade cladding systems that can be chosen according to the Architectural and budget requirements of the project, but the main strength of the division is strong expertise and resources in development of custom façade design solutions. The design is meticulously developed following a set procedure which results in developing a product that meets the special requirements of the Architect and which also offers great budget advantages to the company that assembles the product at the building site.